Voicemail, Good or Bad?

I remember a time when voice mail was all the rage. You never had to miss a call from a valued person, they could simply leave you a voice mail. At first it was kind of wonderful, because you could … Continued

Virtual Receptionist or Answering Service

Does your company need the services of a Virtual Receptionist, versus an operator who answers the phones and takes messages? While both job titles involve answering phones, one does more than the other.  Each one will take a message and … Continued

How Central Comm Can Help Your Business

A common complaint that most principals of growing businesses have is either not enough time, or not enough money. It seems like when there are plenty of orders for good and services there aren’t enough hours in the day to … Continued

Happy Memorial Day

  It’s that time of year. That time of year when we were children and it meant that school would be out soon. The days are longer, the nights shorter and the weather is warmer. There are barbecues, trips to … Continued

Achieving Work/Life Balance

  Achieving Work / Life Balance. Is there really such a thing?  Americans are notorious for their lack of work/life balance. Too many of us work through lunch, stay late and don’t take our allotted vacation time. But that is … Continued

The Proper Way To Answer Phones

This is a post we did years ago here on Central Comm, but it’s still relevant today, perhaps more so in the current age of rude rules. See if you agree Written by Randall Olson Every time that your business … Continued

Virtual Receptionist Central Comm

Someone asked me the other day, “What is a Virtual Receptionist?”. How in the world can a receptionist be virtual? Either you have a receptionist of you don’t, right? Well, it’s not really that black and white. If you are … Continued