Central Comm, Serving the Medical Community

It is National Nurses week!! Why would that be something an answering service would celebrate? Earlier this week we took a moment and said Thank You to all of the nurses who give so much to care for us.Today, in … Continued

Does Your Business Need Central Comm?

I was at an informal networking group the other day and I heard something interesting. A local plumber was bemoaning the fact he may be losing business because he has so much work that it’s hard to keep up with … Continued

The Importance of Punctuality

Whether you work for a company, like Central Comm, or you are your own boss, it’s important you be on time for your appointments and commitments. To most people, habitual lateness is a sign of disrespect. It can get you … Continued

The Year of the Tradesmen and Women

The Holiday season is over. Our lives are returning to normal now that we have celebrated the end of the last year. Presents are put away, decorations are taken down, family has returned to their homes. For some it’s a relief, … Continued

Central Comm

  At Central Comm, our business takes care of business  calls for other  busineses. Our services range from a traditional,, night time answering service to dispatch services for your service based busineses and e-commerce support for on-line businesses. We service … Continued

Getting Your Phones Answered During a Disaster

Hurricanes and floods, wildfires burning entire towns, whole industries which may not be able to deliver products for years. You didn’t need to hear this from us, it’s all over the news these days. 

Great Customer Service

  AT Central Comm we interface with all different manner of businesses. From Law Offices to Service Companies. What we have found is, just like us, most successful businesses offer great customer service. WE all strive to deliver quality products, … Continued

Why Some Industries Come Back

During the latter part of the last Century and the first part of the current century, much of the answering service business was relocated to other countries. At first, it was mainly for economic reasons. But then as that became … Continued

Keeping Your Digital Files Safe

  Here at Central Comm, we take backups quite seriously. We know how important it is for us to keep our data available and safe. Our customers, however, can be quite another thing altogether. Some of them do not take … Continued