Social Media for Your Company

Social Media is a necessity these days. If people can’t find your company, even if they have a referral for your services, you probably won’t get their business. People want to be able to check out your business and see … Continued

The Internet and How It’s Changed Marketing

How has the internet, and more specifically social media, changed the way businesses are marketing their products? Ten years ago, consumers began to tire of the old way of doing business. Being force fed a steady diet of overly zealous … Continued

Award Winning Answering Service

Central Comm is an award-winning answering service, virtual receptionist, dispatch service company. For more years than we can count, we at Central Communications have strived to give our customers nothing short of the very best service that’s too be had. … Continued

Employment In 2018

If you have been wondering what your new career track should be, it could be a good idea to look into the trades. Not only was there a shortage of qualified people in the construction trades heading into 2017, with … Continued

To Make a Call or Not to Make a Call…

Too often these days, instead of picking up the phone to call a co-worker or a customer, we will send an email. We think it saves time and it is a more effective method of communicating, but is it really. … Continued

How to Properly Answer Your Business Calls

At Central Communications, our operators go through extensive training before they begin taking phone calls. As far as we know, most other companies do not provide any such training for their people. Until you have us answering all of your … Continued

The Importance of Trust

    Whether it be a professional relationship or a personal relationship, what is the single most important element of a long standing relationship? I believe it is trust. Yes, in personal relationships love is important, honesty is important in … Continued

Virtual Receptionists For a Growing Company

  So, you are running a  business. It started out small, and now it’s getting bigger.  If you are like the other small business owners you feel that there just are not enough hours in the day. Between managing your … Continued

Phone Personalities

At Central Communications, our people are phone people. You can’t do this type of job and not be someone who likes to talk on the phone. We handle Answering Service calls, Virtual Receptionist duties, Seminar Registration and Follow up, Dispatch … Continued