Super Bowl Sunday

Super bowl Sunday, a day I’m sure most of you have marked on your calendar, was yesterday and boy was it spectacular. The New York Giants pulled off a sweet victory against The New England Patriots, although the patriots really … Continued

Cars, Cars, and More Cars

As the Economy makes its steady climb back up to the top, so too has the new ATS, the newest addition luxury car by Cadillac. The ATS was designed for complete comfort, maneuverability and is putting the new BMW 3-series to shame. “U.S. … Continued

What to Do When You NEED a Great Cup of Coffee!

Have you been to some of the major coffee houses lately? Aren’t their prices getting a little ridiculous? Now I know not everybody has time to brew  a fresh pot in the morning, but in the Answering Service and Call Center Business, we … Continued

Central Communications Wins the Award of Excellence

Update:  Central Communications is proud to announce that we have been awarded the ATSI Award for Excellence once again for the seventh straight year!!   Every Industry has standards of excellence that it strives to attain. For our industry it … Continued

Amazing Magnets!

If it wasn’t for Magnets there would be no telephones, or stereos, or computers, or electric guitars… Another cool magnet movie: Magnetic Movie . We answer for Scientists! Central Communications (800) 786 9079

59 Hot Dogs in 10 Minutes? Amazing!

I am pretty sure that would kill me. We at Central Communications take our hats off and offer our last Tums to Joey Chestnut. You make America proud. Bill Fletcher Central Communications