Answering Phones for HVAC Companies

  It’s summer time, we love the feeling in the air, and by the afternoon, many of us who live in warmer areas of this great country of ours also love the feeling of our nice, cool air conditioning. Whether … Continued

Virtual Receptionist At Your Service

I was just reading a post in Entrepreneur Magazine which puts forth the notion that all the people who work for your company should be thought of a sales people. This is not to say that your Sales Force is … Continued

After Your Company Grows Up

You have a great idea for a product or service. People like that idea and they buy your product or service. Your company is growing, and it’s at the point where trying to manage it yourself is no longer working. … Continued

How To Stay Cool Under Pressure

Let’s face it life can be stressful at times. Stress can be a useful tool that our bodies use to get us out of dangerous situations. But for most of us, stress is something which can harm out health and … Continued

Practical Business Advice for Attorneys

Are you an attorney? Are you tired of working for a big law firm? Are you ready to branch out of your own? Do you know how to run a business? You know how to work with the law, you … Continued

Corporate Wellness

  If you are looking for a  new career then getting in on the ground floor of the Corporate Wellness Industry is a great place to begin. According to Inc. Magazine, the corporate wellness Industry is thought to be in … Continued

Is Branding Important for Your Company?

When your business is a success, our business is a success. Each week we offer advice for businesses of all sizes. Today we are going to share some basic marketing information. This is an informative post by Jayson Demers from … Continued

What You Say IS Important

What You Say is Important At Central Communications, we are a phone kind of company. There are people who dislike talking on the phone. That is usually because they can’t see the callers face and gauge their reactions. We understand … Continued

Smart Buildings

I just read an interesting post from Bloomberg titled The Smartest Building in the World,  Inside the connected future of architecture By Tom Randall | Sept. 23, 2015 Mr Randall describes a building which has been name the Edge. It … Continued

Today is National Tradesman Day

On Facebook and other social media outlets, we often see posts about National Donut Day, National Milk Shake day and others. Some national celebration days are important to us, like Labor Day and Fourth of July, others are more for … Continued