Women Owned Businesses

It’s not news that some of the  people most likely  to start a new business are women. Each year women start more businesses than men. The economy of the past several years has made employment so scarce that both men and … Continued

Central Communications Lets You OUT of the Office !

  Websites, Social Media, SEO Campaigns, all great tools to let people know about your business. Once potential customers find your site, then what do most of them do? They call. Your had this great website built, you designed a … Continued

Employee Success

All too often, companies take their employees for granted. It may have been easy to take them for granted when the job market was tight and people had no alternative , but the job market is opening up, and people … Continued

Message and Data Delivery Options Answering Service.

Central Communications is a state of the art Answering Service Provider. We  provide services for companies all throughout the United States. Whether through our Free Web Portal, Text Message (SMS), Secure SMS Smartphone App (HIPAA Compliant), Email, Pager, Voice Mail … Continued

Answering Service Never Sleeps- But You Should!!

Central Communications operates 24/7. But we don’t work our operators 24/7. Are there any of you out there who wake up at five in the morning and work until one the next morning? Stop! You may not know this, but … Continued

Tip for Handling High Employee Turnover

In high employee turnover industries such as  retail, fast food, health care, entertainment , telemarketing, hotels and restaurants,  there are special challenges associated with maintaining proper staffing levels. If you are an owner or manager of one of these types … Continued