Where the Latest Tech Hubs Could Land

  In the past week or so Facebook Announced they will be locating a brand new data center in Papillion, Nebraska.  Facebook announced during one of their press conferences that they are going to be building the new data center … Continued

Warnings About Telemarketing Fraud

You hear about it all too frequently. A friend of yours receives a phone call, the caller sounds official and makes it seem urgent that you respond quickly or you could lose an opportunity for a great prize, or worse yet, … Continued

Virtual Receptionist At Your Service

I was just reading a post in Entrepreneur Magazine which puts forth the notion that all the people who work for your company should be thought of a sales people. This is not to say that your Sales Force is … Continued

Why Do I Need An 800 Number?

  When customers sign up for our services, we supply them with an 800 number which can be used to recieve  business calls. Most of the time people appreciate having the convenince of a dedicated phone number for their business, … Continued

Central Comm Answers Phones All Over the U.S.

Who answers your phone lines BEFORE everyone gets to work? Who answers the phones AFTER everyone leaves work? Who is your receptionist? Could your receptionist possibly like to do something more challenging? Who is that person on the other end … Continued

Getting Ready to Grow Your Business?

For the past five years, you have seen your business numbers steadily climb. You are now at a point where you either must start turning away business, or you need to staff up. As well as staffing up, it might … Continued

Planning Your Systems Upgrade

One would think a company will only require the services of Central Communications in certain instances, and they could be right, OR they could be wrong. There are all different sets of circumstances where our company can be of assistance … Continued

Healthcare Answering Services

Central Communications has over 60 years of experience excelling in providing a professional answering service for your thriving healthcare practice. Whether serving patients in the medical, dental, hospice, or academic fields, our specially trained Call Center Agents will provide HIPAA … Continued

After Your Company Grows Up

You have a great idea for a product or service. People like that idea and they buy your product or service. Your company is growing, and it’s at the point where trying to manage it yourself is no longer working. … Continued

Decisions, Decisions

AT Central Communications we are in decision making mode every day. As a company, we are tasked with making decisions for our own business and personnel. We are also put in situations where we sometimes need to make decisions concerning … Continued