To Make a Call or Not to Make a Call…

Too often these days, instead of picking up the phone to call a co-worker or a customer, we will send an email. We think it saves time and it is a more effective method of communicating, but is it really. … Continued

What Attorneys May Ask For When You Have a Claim

Unless you don’t have internet or television, you know by now there have been several very damaging natural disasters just in the United States alone during the past two months. Fires in the West, Hurricane damage to states which border … Continued

Helping With Recovery

  What a month it has been. Wildfires burning up the West. A MAJOR Earthquake in Mexico. Hurricane Harvey has devastated part of Texas and Louisiana. Hurricane Irma has cut a swath of destruction on the Virgin Islands, through Cuba … Continued

The Doctor Is Out, May I Help You?

  It’s late in the evening, your patient is calling because they feel ill, and you went home at 6:00 pm, tired and beat. What happens now? Will the phone simply ring and ring with no answer? Will a pre-recorded … Continued

How to Properly Answer Your Business Calls

At Central Communications, our operators go through extensive training before they begin taking phone calls. As far as we know, most other companies do not provide any such training for their people. Until you have us answering all of your … Continued

Another School Year Begins

  It’s that time of year once again, depending upon where you live. Some school districts go back to school in August, others, early in September. Either way, it’s all downhill from here. Or Uphill, depending upon your outlook. I … Continued

Busy General Contractors

Photo by Real Stone and Granite Corporation – Look for kitchen pictures     For about 10 years, almost none of the major builders were building homes in any large numbers, and now there is a housing crunch. It will … Continued

The Importance of Trust

    Whether it be a professional relationship or a personal relationship, what is the single most important element of a long standing relationship? I believe it is trust. Yes, in personal relationships love is important, honesty is important in … Continued