Virtual Receptionist Central Comm

Someone asked me the other day, “What is a Virtual Receptionist?”. How in the world can a receptionist be virtual? Either you have a receptionist of you don’t, right? Well, it’s not really that black and white. If you are … Continued

Finding Job Candidates Via Social Media?

The job market is going strong these days, which makes it easier for those who have been displaced for a long time to find work, and perhaps find better opportunities than were available just a year or two ago. But … Continued

Answer Your Phone !!!

Ever had one of those days when you just REALLY needed to talk to someone. Person to person. Not via email, text or voice mail. When I am having one of those mornings, after the second or third attempt you can … Continued

Why Customer Service Is Important

There is a saying which goes something like this “People won’t always remember what you did for them, but what they will remember is how your made them feel.” As a company, your product lines may be top drawer, your … Continued

Why Attorneys Hire Central Comm

    Potential clients are most often referred to an attorney’s office by someone who has already used your services. If you are out of the office, or with another client, you may miss their call, and odds are they … Continued

Social Media for Your Company

Social Media is a necessity these days. If people can’t find your company, even if they have a referral for your services, you probably won’t get their business. People want to be able to check out your business and see … Continued

Answering the Call

Who’s answering the calls coming into your business? Are you trying to do it all yourself? Is there one receptionist for 100’s of inbound calls? There might be a better way to keep up with your business calls, and I … Continued

The Year of the Tradesmen and Women

The Holiday season is over. Our lives are returning to normal now that we have celebrated the end of the last year. Presents are put away, decorations are taken down, family has returned to their homes. For some it’s a relief, … Continued

Long Beach California Answering Service

Central Communications Answering Service loves working with companies in Long Beach, California. Here is why. Long Beach, California is the gateway to Southern California, for most products consumed.  Long Beach has a highly diversified economy and is positioned well for … Continued

Central Comm

  At Central Comm, our business takes care of business  calls for other  busineses. Our services range from a traditional,, night time answering service to dispatch services for your service based busineses and e-commerce support for on-line businesses. We service … Continued