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Call Center Services

Product and Service Orders

Whether you sell widgets or services to widget manufacturers, Central Communications can serve as your full-time order department. Or, we can take your calls after hours and during peak “call overflow” times. We can customize your script and even up-sell to increase your revenue. Add-on services include credit card processing, order fulfillment, toll-free numbers (800, 888, 877), and a wide variety of voice mail options.

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Client Website Orders

Do you have your own website order form? We can instantly access your website with each call by using our web-enabled workstations and handle your calls directly on your site. You’re in control of the script, the form, and the format of the file–no conversion or merging necessary!

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Website Support

Don’t lose sales because clients or potential clients visiting your website have a question or need help. If you have a website but not the twenty-four hour staff to support it, we’re here for you! Our TSRs can answer questions for your customers as well as walk them through the ordering process.

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Catalog and Literature Requests

Don’t waste valuable staff time on non-revenue calls for catalogs and literature. Central Communications can take those calls for you quickly and easily at a very reasonable cost. We can even handle the hassle of fulfillment for you. Reserve your time for the critical calls that only your experts can handle!

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Help Desk Support

Help desk understaffed? Can’t justify a twenty-four hour help desk but still get those occasional calls after hours and on weekends? We’ve got the answer! We can access your database of support information to help callers, and if needed escalate service for more complex situations to your on-call personnel.

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Inbound Surveys

Do it right! Increase your inbound survey response and completion rate by providing twenty-four hour TSRs to take those survey calls. Oral surveys can provide a higher quality of data with greater depth and relevance than ordinary paper surveys. We can even provide the toll-free 800 number for you.


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Lead Capture and Caller ID

Central Communications offers the latest technology to help you improve your lead capture efforts. Let our TSRs take your calls, and even if callers are reluctant to leave information, our system will capture the Caller ID so you’ll have the number for future marketing efforts.

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Dealer Locator/Referral

Our twenty-four hour TSRs can connect your callers with your location closest to them–by zip code, region, or any other factors you choose. We can even provide directions, a map by fax or file transfer, or any other information required. And with our FREE Caller ID service, you’ll have the data you need to follow up on the call, even if the caller chooses not to leave any information.

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Event Registration

Whether it’s an annual occurrence or a one-time event, we can make the whole process easier for you by taking the registration calls. We can take registrations directly on your web site real time, or on our system followed by a file transfer to you.

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Membership and Subscription Renewals

Relieving your staff of easy, repetitive calls can give them more time to do the critical work. Central Communications can make membership and subscription renewals a smooth, seamless process. We can work directly from your database or create our own file to be merged with yours. We’ll even up-sell to other products or services on those renewal calls, helping you increase your revenue stream.

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Caller/Applicant Screening

Whether the caller is applying for a job or to participate in a medical study, we can handle the pre-screening process for you. Using your customized screen script, we’ll collect the data and provide the information to you in virtually any format–fax, file transfer or direct integration with your website.

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Appointment Taking

New incoming appointment calls, appointment changes and outgoing appointment reminder calls–we’re here for you! Increase your capabilities by using our TSRs to supplement or replace your staff in these repetitive tasks.

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Messaging and Answering Services

Basic Messaging or Telephone Answering Service

Whether your business is medical or legal, counseling or catering, property management, plumbing or HVAC, Central Communications will handle each of your calls in a professional, expert, and prompt manner. Our sophisticated computer system lets us customize and store virtually any amount of information (even complex databases) about your business and customers, making our TSRs as knowledgeable as your own staff. Let us customize the perfect package of services for you!

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Call Overflow

Even though Central Communications is a “24 x 7″ call center, you may not need twenty-four hour help. In fact, many of our clients use our services just at select times. You can transfer your calls to us just after hours, at peak call times, when you’re short-staffed, during all-staff meetings or events, after a certain number of rings at your location, or when all of your lines are busy. If you have a commitment to quality customer service, Call Overflow is the right service for you!

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Emergency Service Dispatch

Does your business provide emergency service after hours, or have field staff that are “on the road” all day? We can get those critical calls to the right person! Whether it’s a simple one-step page or a complex call escalation, we’ll help you maintain an excellent reputation for reliable service and prompt response time.

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Virtual Assistant Services

Doctor On Call

Our Doctor On Call package offers cost savings associated with automated call handling while still giving your patients access to a live Agent 24 hours a day is the feature that makes Central Communications Doctor On Call service stand out.

Our competitor’s offerings doom your clients to a “voicemail maze” with no chance of escape. Our Doctor-On-Call system is both robust and reliable, offering infinite ways of configuration to ensure your urgent calls are routed and handled exactly how you want. Your offices’ on call schedule will automatically be followed, thus preventing interrupting medical professional on their night off.

Additionally, you maintain control of your calls. Using our secure online access you can redirect calls “on the fly.” Last minute changes to your on call schedule are never a problem. Features include: Up to 3 On-Call Physicians, Time of Day Routing, One local Number, Multiple Greetings, Call Screening, Find Me/Follow Me, Cell / Email/ Pager Notification Options, Three Box Voicemail, Caller Id, On-line Message Management, Plus you may return calls from your box with the press of a key while keeping your calling number private.

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Corporate Find Me/Follow Me

Why pay for a receptionist when this can do as much for a small fraction of the cost? Similar to Find Me/ Follow Me but more robust and easily scalable with up to 3 extensions. Provides one local number for all your Voice and Fax requirements. Includes features such as time of day based call routing, call screening, caller ID pass through, and audio by email messaging. You may receive notification of messages by cell phone, Email, or pager, and manage your messages on line. You can even return calls instantly from your mail box without divulging the number you are calling from. You also have the option of giving your callers access to a Live Operator 24 hours a day.

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Find Me/ Follow Me

Always be available for those who are trying to reach you with our Find Me/Follow Me services. You are always in control of whether to answer the call or send it to your private voicemail box with the screening feature built in to this service. You also decide where and how you’re contacted and can change this at any time.

You also have the option of giving your callers access to a Live Operator 24 hours a day. This makes our Find Me/Follow Me services a perfect fit for individuals, companies and physicians who need cost savings while maintaining the human touch.

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Virtual Interview/Survey

Our Virtual Interviewer/Survey product will save valuable staff hours whenever you are trying to select new candidates for hire or conducting a survey. Make this the first step before you invite someone in to complete and employment application. The caller’s responses to up to ten predetermined questions are combined into a single recording you can access via email or by the phone. This service is also ideal when conducting surveys, questionnaires or pre-qualifying new customers. Caller Id is captured and forwarded to you. You may return calls from your inbox with a single keystroke.

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Voicemail Plus

Our sophisticated voicemail system reaches out and lets you know when you have a message waiting. Choose from the optional cell phone, email or pager notification methods so you can always stay in touch. Features include single voicemail mailbox, local telephone number, 500 monthly minutes with additional minutes available. We can customize your service with the following options Caller ID, Cell phone, Email & Pager Notification, Voice to Email, Toll Free Number, Fax Detection, and Fax to Email.

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Virtual Fax

Why pay over $30 per month to your local phone company for a dedicated fax number only to be tethered to that fax machine in your home or office? Our Virtual Fax service includes a private fax number that will instantly deliver your faxes to you via email.

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Automated Questionnaire

A great solution for gathering client feedback that is so critical to maintaining excellent customer satisfaction, this service can also provide solutions for many other business needs. Features include up to ten questions asked, up to thirty second answers recorded, dedicated local number, caller ID captured, and you may return calls directly from your mail box without divulging your calling number.

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Complimentary Service Options

Credit Card Processing and Verification

Eliminate the labor and reduce the risk related to credit card transactions. Here at Central Communications we can use your Merchant ID to take payments from your callers, verify that the card number is valid before fulfilling the order, and transfer the necessary financial data directly to your financial institution.

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Order Fulfillment

The next step after verifying that the caller’s credit card is valid? Shipping the order, of course! Let us handle your product or literature fulfillment while you attend to more important matters.

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Voice Mail Pre-screen

Here’s just one way we can help you save money! Let us “pre-screen” your callers through voice mail to avoid unnecessary time and labor costs. Example situations include job applicants, medical study applicants, callers inquiring about your hours of business, and more.

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Voice Mail Hand-off

Central Communications can offer your callers the ultimate in privacy while still giving your business the professional, warm, caring image you desire. Our TSRs can answer your calls “live” and then, if the caller chooses, connect the caller with your private voice mail. In addition to privacy, another advantage is reduced hold time because our TSRs are freed up more quickly to take your next call.

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Toll-free Numbers

We can’t emphasize it enough! You never pay toll/long distance charges to forward your calls to Central Communications! Whether your business is on the east or west coast, down south, up north or anywhere in between, we provide a FREE 800 number so you can get your calls to us and never pay a penny in long distance costs!

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Message and Data Delivery Options

E-mail Delivery

Messages, product orders, and even voice mail calls can be delivered to your e-mail address as a simple attached file! What could be easier? E-mail delivery gives you the greatest flexibility of any delivery service because you can access your calls and other files from anywhere.

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Database File Transfer (FTP) Delivery

Your product orders (and other data) can be sent directly to your server or website, or you can retrieve your files from our server at your convenience, using FTP or File Transfer Protocol.

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Website File Retrieval

Download your file from our website at your convenience using FTP (File Transfer Protocol).

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Fax Delivery

For some clients the best format for messages or orders can be plain old paper. We can do that, too. Just give us your fax number–it’s that easy. We can fax after every call, overnight (to keep your fax machine free during business hours), at pre-scheduled times throughout the day, or upon your request.

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Custom Delivery

Are you unique? Are your needs special? We’ll work with you to customize a delivery system just for your business. Just tell us what you’re looking for!

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Voice Mail Delivery

The option is yours–Central Communications can deliver your messages to any voice mailbox you choose, whether it’s one we provide for you, a mailbox you have on a system at your place of business, or a mailbox you have from another vendor, such as your telephone company.

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Message Delivery to iPhone

“While You Were Out” iPhone App

CentralComm’s WYWO (While You Were Out) iPhone App service gives you a personal assistant in your pocket. Your Live Assistant will answer your private line, take a message and deliver it to your iPhone, Alpha Numeric Pager, or Email address.

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