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From simple messages to complex call escalation and service dispatch, Central Communications has over 50 years of experience as a virtual receptionist for all sizes and kinds of businesses. Our award winning attention to detail, instant delivery options, and call screening options will help you increase efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve service to your customers! Your customers need never know that our staff is not your staff.

From simple messages to complex call escalation and service dispatch, we have over 50 years of experience.

Call Types We Service
  • Basic Messaging
  • Call Overflow
  • Emergency Service Dispatch
  • Customer Support
  • Website Service and Support
  • While You Were Out Service

Additional Service Options
  • Voice Mail Pre-screen
  • Voice Mail Hand-off

Data Delivery Options
  • E-mail Delivery
  • Fax Delivery
  • Voice Mail
  • Digital and Alphanumeric Pager
  • Remote File Access
  • Custom Delivery

Other Services We Provide

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While You Were Out

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