Live Answering Service

  Central Comm has “live” people answering your phones day in and day out. I am not certain why the term Live is neseeary, but to ensure people understand what we do, I am going to stick with that term. … Continued

Who Is Your Target Customer?

When you go out and look for new clients, do you look everywhere, or just a few places? Do you look for certain types of businesses, or do you talk to anyone who will listen?  I think it’s important for … Continued

Apps That Can Make Life Easier for Business Owners

There is a saying that that goes something like this,  all of us business owners need to learn to spend more time ON our business and less time working IN the business. I am paraphrasing here, but I think you get … Continued

The Importance of Follow Up

We have all heard the phrase “the fortune is in the follow up” but are you guilty as charged of neglecting leads and botching the follow up? For many businesses, following up with potential customers and clients is the one … Continued

Why Good Communication Is So Important

Why IS good communication so very important? If you simply look around you these days, I think you will find the answer. There are far too many people who are talking, not listening, not communicating. Here at Central Communications, that’s right … Continued

Answering Phones for HVAC Companies

  It’s summer time, we love the feeling in the air, and by the afternoon, many of us who live in warmer areas of this great country of ours also love the feeling of our nice, cool air conditioning. Whether … Continued

Answering Ringing Phones 24/7

    What is the difference between a full service Answering Service like Central Communications and some of the Virtual Receptionist firms? One difference is we answer your calls in the morning, in the evening, during the day and on … Continued

How Does The 800 Number Work?

  When we assign an 800 number to your business, no call ever has to go to voice mail, unless you request that it do so. If the number is busy it will roll over to the next line and an … Continued

A Little Humor at Work?

We work hard here at Central Communications. We have standards to uphold, awards to win, customer service to handle. We are serious about our work. But not too serious. Sometimes, when the phones are quiet, we take a little break, … Continued