How Does The 800 Number Work?

  When we assign an 800 number to your business, no call ever has to go to voice mail, unless you request that it do so. If the number is busy it will roll over to the next line and an … Continued

A Little Humor at Work?

We work hard here at Central Communications. We have standards to uphold, awards to win, customer service to handle. We are serious about our work. But not too serious. Sometimes, when the phones are quiet, we take a little break, … Continued

Companies Are Giving Back

Volunteering to help our those in our communities who most need it. Giving back to those who may or may not be able to give us business. Today, business is about more than simply selling goods and services to a … Continued

What Is a Blended Workforce?

  The blended workforce has nothing to do with the smoothie of the day. In this instance, the blended workforce I am addressing here is the blend of full-time employees along the side of freelance employees. Open the pot, stir in some … Continued

Protect Your Computers

  Protecting YOUR computer could also protect ours. We work with all different types of businesses and practices. They run the gamut, from small law offices to large municipalities. If they get a virus on their computer network and aren’t … Continued

Memorial Day Celebrations

  Memorial Day. For some people, Memorial Day weekend signals the beginning of summer. The weather is warmer, the days are longer. The pool and the ocean are beckoning. The lazy days of summer are just around the corner. For … Continued

Replacing People With Machines

  This is it, this is the end of an era. McDonald’s is trying to force us to enter our own orders, grocery and hardware stores have self-checkout. The time has come for robots and automated systems to take over … Continued

Virtual Meetings

Virtual Assistants, Virtual Receptionists, Virtual meetings. The virtual world is creeping into the real world. Most of the technology to hold virtual meetings has been around in one form or another for years, but today with faster bandwidths and better technology, … Continued

E-Commerce Answering Service

  Your website is open for business 24/7. Your staff is available to assist customers from the hours of 8 to 6. What happens when a potential customer needs help and it’s outside of those normal business hours? Do they reach a … Continued

Medical Receptionist and Answering Service

The last time I had an appointment at my Doctor’s Office the phones were ringing and ringing. The gentleman who was manning the front office looked frazzled and was making his best attempt at keeping things under control, but he … Continued