Business Trends for 2017

Central Comm is always on the lookout for what’s working in business. We like to share news we find interesting and thought provoking from resources we respect in the buisness world. This article on Inc. Magazine’s Site came out a … Continued

How You Treat Your Customers Matters

When you have been in business as long as Central Comm, you know for certain that it’s customer service that sets you apart from other businesses. In some instances, you are offering a product which is not truly unique, so … Continued

Ways to Improve Our Productivity

    There have been new studies coming out that show how most people have only a few hours of peak productivity in them each day. For some it’s the morning hours, for others it could be the afternoon, and … Continued

Can You Really Do Everything?

The baby boomers have learned a thing or two from the GenXer’s, and now the GenXer’s are finding themselves in a position where they are interacting with Millenials, and they too will have to learn from each other. This “new” … Continued

Tribute To Las Vegas

    Central Communications would like to take this time to offer our sincere condolences for the people who have been killed or wounded in one of the worst tragedies we have ever seen. There are no good things to … Continued

Answering Service Myths

This post should be called, Setting the Record Straight. As we are out networking and selling our services, sometimes we get comments that just make us shake our heads. There are three that stand out because they are the ones … Continued

To Make a Call or Not to Make a Call…

Too often these days, instead of picking up the phone to call a co-worker or a customer, we will send an email. We think it saves time and it is a more effective method of communicating, but is it really. … Continued

What Attorneys May Ask For When You Have a Claim

Unless you don’t have internet or television, you know by now there have been several very damaging natural disasters just in the United States alone during the past two months. Fires in the West, Hurricane damage to states which border … Continued

Helping With Recovery

  What a month it has been. Wildfires burning up the West. A MAJOR Earthquake in Mexico. Hurricane Harvey has devastated part of Texas and Louisiana. Hurricane Irma has cut a swath of destruction on the Virgin Islands, through Cuba … Continued