Our World Is Changing- Can You Keep Up?

Have you been to Panera or McDonald’s lately? There are tablets now, stationed at the front of the stores, where you input your order. These order stations even take cash now. Can you see the future? It’s here and its … Continued

A Quality Website for Your Business

Ten years ago most of thought of a Website a a static place holder on the Web. A rack card in the midst of a million other rack cards, just sitting there, not doing much. Fast forward to today. Websites … Continued

How to Stay Productive

Between constant meetings, phone calls and emails, staying productive at work can be a challenge. However, the odds of staying productive can be greatly improved by taking some simple steps to lighten your workload.

Women Owned Small Businesses

      Women owned businesses are on the rise faster than in the past. I think it’s partially because women feel more emboldened than ever before. It’s also because owning your own business allows for some flexibility that an … Continued

Medical Receptionist and Answering Service

The last time I had an appointment at my Doctor’s Office the phones were ringing and ringing. The gentleman who was manning the front office looked frazzled and was making his best attempt at keeping things under control, but he … Continued

Why Do I Need An 800 Number?

  When customers sign up for our services, we supply them with an 800 number which can be used to recieve  business calls. Most of the time people appreciate having the convenince of a dedicated phone number for their business, … Continued

Planning Your Systems Upgrade

One would think a company will only require the services of Central Communications in certain instances, and they could be right, OR they could be wrong. There are all different sets of circumstances where our company can be of assistance … Continued

Living the Freelance Life

  You attended high school, got good grades, joined in helping your community, gathered up all sorts of community service points and hours, got into a great college, watched the student loan debt pile up, graduated, and oops, you can’t … Continued

Should You Take a Former Employee Back?

Your company is growing, perhaps you are expanding in a new direction, and you’ve let your staff know that you are looking for more people. A person applies for one of these new positions who has worked for you once … Continued