Great Customer Service

  AT Central Comm we interface with all different manner of businesses. From Law Offices to Service Companies. What we have found is, just like us, most successful businesses offer great customer service. WE all strive to deliver quality products, … Continued

A Little Housekeeping, A Little Planning

There are only a couple more weeks left of 2016. How are things looking around the office? Is there clutter everywhere? Are the important files and papers you need readily available? Perhaps it’s time for an end of the year … Continued

Keeping Your Digital Files Safe

  Here at Central Comm, we take backups quite seriously. We know how important it is for us to keep our data available and safe. Our customers, however, can be quite another thing altogether. Some of them do not take … Continued

Major Companies are Moving Back to the USA

For about 15 years, Central Communications did well despite the fact that much of our competition had moved their operations staff to companies oversees. I think in part because we have such loyal customers, but it could also have been … Continued

Answering Services for E-Commerce Companies

E-COMMERCE ANSWERING SERVICES You are an E-Commerce Company. Your sales are just beginning to take off. So far you have handled everything with just a small staff. But now you have to start tracking orders and delivery dates. You have … Continued

Vacations and Returning to Work

  Vacations are ahhhh some.  No mis-spelling here, pun intended. Some vacations are so action packed that you need a vacation in order to recover from your vacation. Some vacations are just for relaxing. Either way, a vacation can reset … Continued

The State of Office Buildings in Nevada

  Las Vegas’s a unique city. It’s more than just the Strip with all of it’s casinos and venues. Las Vegas in particular, and Henderson as well, is a great place for people to live. The price of housing … Continued