News for Accountants

  Would you be surprised to learn that Central Comm has accountants in our client base?

Outsourcing Social Media

  Central Comm and others were the first companies which accommodated, and even encouraged outsourcing. Companies like ours saw a need for services which support businesses of all sizes, but which did not require companies to hire additional personnel to … Continued

On Line or In Person

  On Line or In Person. That’s the choice here. But does it truly have to be either or? In these days of online everything it’s all too easy for people to become physically isolated from the world, and it’s … Continued

The Importance Of Laughter In the Workplace

Today, more than ever, it seems like bad news is literally everywhere. People are killing each other, it seems like there’s a new war breaking out every month, everyone’s mad at everyone. The world is tough right now. The best … Continued

Finding Job Candidates Via Social Media?

The job market is going strong these days, which makes it easier for those who have been displaced for a long time to find work, and perhaps find better opportunities than were available just a year or two ago. But … Continued

Preparing For a New Year

If you are a new business owner and you aren’t quite certain how the end of year works just yet, Quicken has some great information on just how you should close out 2017: “Even if you have an accountant on staff or … Continued

Healthcare Answering Services

Central Communications has over 60 years of experience excelling in providing a professional answering service for your thriving healthcare practice. Whether serving patients in the medical, dental, hospice, or academic fields, our specially trained Call Center Agents will provide HIPAA … Continued

After Hours Phone Answering

  In this open 24 hour a day world we now live in there is no time that businesses are really closed is there? With the power of the internet, open 24 hours a days as well, those regular business hours … Continued

Businesses and Family

    Owning a business does not mean you have to rent an office and sit behind a desk all day.There are all kinds of new innovations that go along with our ever changing environment. With the ability to tele … Continued