The Added Benefits of a Virtual Receptionist

  There’s a funny, not funny, situation which occurs every so often at our answering service. We have had customers call us and say, thank you. Thank you for the great service we receive from our Central Comm virtual receptionist. … Continued

Are You Open For Business 24/7?

  If you own a website and you offer products for sale on that website, then you are open for business 24/7. If you are a Mom and Pop shop, or if you are Chip Gaines, it doesn’t matter. When … Continued

Multitasking,Good or Bad?

Multitasking. It’s a misnomer, because other than walking and chewing gum, most of the time what we call multitasking is actually not. It’s jump tasking. Meaning we start one task and get it to a certain point, and then we … Continued

Who Is Central Comm and What Do We Do?

Central Communications answers the call. For over 50 years now, we have served clients from Southern California to Florida. We help businesses across America with several different types of phone answering services. At Central Comm, once we sign up a … Continued

How To Stay Cool Under Pressure

Let’s face it life can be stressful at times. Stress can be a useful tool that our bodies use to get us out of dangerous situations. But for most of us, stress is something which can harm out health and … Continued

Corporate Wellness

  If you are looking for a  new career then getting in on the ground floor of the Corporate Wellness Industry is a great place to begin. According to Inc. Magazine, the corporate wellness Industry is thought to be in … Continued

What You Say IS Important

What You Say is Important At Central Communications, we are a phone kind of company. There are people who dislike talking on the phone. That is usually because they can’t see the callers face and gauge their reactions. We understand … Continued

Today is National Tradesman Day

On Facebook and other social media outlets, we often see posts about National Donut Day, National Milk Shake day and others. Some national celebration days are important to us, like Labor Day and Fourth of July, others are more for … Continued

Orange County Answering Service & Call Center

Central Communications works for Orange County! Central Communications has clients all over Southern California, with a heavy concentration of clients in Orange County.  We have over 50 Years of Experience in  Live Answering and Call Center Services, we’re familiar with … Continued

Who Uses Answering Services?

Answering Service? Who still uses those? Call Centers? Dispatch services? Virtual Assistants? Who uses those and what for? Central Communications started out as simply an answering service almost 50 years ago. In those days we mainly provided a night and … Continued